Meet the team

Founder of Aesthetics Exchange

Jessica Fitzmaurice

A licensed esthetician since 2003, with a passion for education. She received her instructors license in 2007 and has not stopped teaching since!

” My first Introduction to the skin world was working for a successful Dermatology practice in Scottsdale Arizona, far from my Massachusetts roots. Where I had the opportunity to work with advanced skin cases. This is where I found my passion for helping people, while treating acne and hormonally induced pigmentation. Suffering from Acne myself through the years gives me that extra drive to help clear someones skin, it’s extremely empowering!”

Dedicated to providing optimal esthetics results, a high level of client care, attention to detail and a love for esthetics have made Jessica a successful practitioner and business owner that has evolved into one of the most sought after educators in the North East. Book an advanced consultation at Aesthetics Exchange Skin Care Clinic AESTXSKINCARE.COM

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John Martellucci

Be imaginative. Be authentic. Share your story.

For me, this is what it’s all about. Imagination, authenticity and a true admiration for the power of storytelling.
I’ve always felt these are the specific ingredients that are vital when it comes to this world of film and video. When these elements are skillfully crafted and brought together, it can transform an audience’s experience and if you ask me, these very elements are what make this art form so special and unlike anything else.

When I was growing up, aside from daydreaming about the home run I would launch over the Green Monster to finally end “the curse”… what always had a lasting impression and what I really loved most, were movies. These are some of my earliest memories. It’s the first time I was captivated by the wonder of storytelling and its magical ability to transport me to some other place.

I think it’s safe to say, it isn’t just by chance or some strange coincidence this is what I do. I could never imagine doing anything else, this is my absolute passion. This idea of sharing a story and engaging an audience to bring them on a journey, is something I’m fascinated by and it’s something that has stayed with me throughout my entire life. It’s the mindset of how I approach every single project. I truly believe there’s always a story to tell and an audience just waiting to be captivated and inspired.

I look forward to helping you share your story.