Why CryoTherapy?

Why Cryotherapy Works

How To Incorporate Into The Treatment Room

Cryotherapy is not new, but it is making quite the comeback. There are now multiple modalities including cold hammers, CooLifting, CryoGlobes and even Cryo Chambers now available in the industry.

The simplest technique to incorporate into your treatment room include CryoGlobes. They are specially designed balls that have a special liquid inside which allows them to maintain their freezing temperature for awhile. You can incorporate globes into your treatment after services such as microdermabrasion, microneedling, or even after Ultrasonic facials. The cooling effect feels wonderful on the client’s skin, but also helps eliminate toxins, firm the skin, vasoconstrict, and reduce erythema.

CooLifting, a product made from company out of PA, uses slightly more sophisticated technology. A CO2 Cartridges is inserted into the device, along with a vial of Hyaluronic Acid. For the next five minutes, an even spray of HA comes out with the CO2 for a plumping, anti-aging treatment. Results can be seen immediately, and often have visible results in mature skin (especially on the forehead, crow’s feet, and lip area). Like any service, the best results can be seen after a series. It’s a great tool to have for clients wanting a non-invasive treatment before a special event (even brides before their wedding day would be safe to experience this).