Are We Losing Touch With Esthetics?

Are We Losing Touch With Esthetics?

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In the age of devices and technology, it seems as though the esthetic room is filled with equipment – from LED to Microdermabrasion to laser, but have we lost touch with good old-fashioned esthetics?

As more and more machines hit the esthetic market, our treatment rooms are filled with devices that promise smoother skin, less hair, and more hydration. Even clients are demanding machine-specific facials. While there is certainly room for technology in the treatment room, let’s consider the benefits of facial massage techniques that bring back the basics:

  1. Increases circulation and oxygenation

Blood carries oxygen and blood-flow to the skin’s surface is stimulated through touch. This is particularly good for lackluster skin types that look sallow and pale.

  1. Removes Toxins

Since lymph nodes are located all around the face, a light massage can stimulate the lymph system to remove toxins and impurities quicker through massage.

  1. Prevents wrinkles

Since most wrinkles are caused through muscle movement, a massage can help relax muscles that can be tight otherwise. Through repeated massage with a hydrating moisturizer or medium, wrinkles can relax over time.

  1. Alleviates stress

The face is filled with pressure points, which can be stimulated through touch. Muscles are also relaxed during the massage phase.

  1. Helps Heal

Because of the oxygenation, the body’s healing mechanism is triggered, so some inflamed skin conditions can actually benefit from a massage. Too much stimulation is not good for conditions such as acne because of cross-contamination, so make sure the massage isn’t too long.

While the machines are here to stay, we encourage you to incorporate some traditional esthetic practices into your protocols, too. By differentiating your services, you’ll increase client loyalty and retention.