How to Pair Your Favorite Fall Treatments

No tricks, Just treat(ments)

Perfect Pairings

It Takes Two

We know that fall is the ideal time for clients to begin repairing and reversing some of the damage caused by the summer sun. It’s also a great time to revamp your menu of services to create unique pairings that enhance results.Here are few combo treatment ideas that your clients will love.

Microneedling and Cryotherapy

Microneedling has countless benefits including re-texturing skin, mild exfoliation, and boosting collagen production, to name a few. Sometimes clients are weary of leaving the office with any noticeable signs they’ve had a treatment. Give clients both great results and skin that glows by combining a microneedling treatment with cryotherapy, such as Coolifting or cryoglobes. Cryotherapy will alleviate the redness after microneeding and feel cooling to the client whose face may otherwise feel hot, tight, and warm. You can upsell Cryotherapy as an add-on, or include it as a perk when a client books a series of treatments.

Pumpkin enzyme and Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is perhaps one of the buzziest treatments in the industry (just take a look at Instagram and you’ll see video after video). Why not combine the other popular seasonal item – pumpkin enzyme! While it wouldn’t be a good fit for every skin type, consider using a pumpkin enzyme for a briefer period of time after a dermaplaning session to really smooth and buff the skin. If a client is too sensitive, consider looking for a pumpkin finishing mask instead. The skin will be exfoliated and the active ingredients in the enzyme will penetrate better after the dermaplaning. Plus, the smell of pumpkin in fall is divine.

Lift, Tint, and Eye Treatment

Lash lifting has taken the industry by storm. Whether you focus strictly on lash services, or offer skin services as well, consider making a lift and tint appointment a tad more luxurious with an eye treatment to plump and tighten the eye area. While there are many eye treatment options out there, you can use any of the following options: MLD massage to de-puff, Cryoglobe massage to de-puff and revitalize, or collagen eye pads to hydrate. This type of service will separate you from other businesses offering the same services, while giving the client a relaxing treat.

Waxing and LED

Usually, waxing services are quick and clients usually like to be in an out. It also can be challenging to compete with some chains that offer economical prices. Set yourself apart and offer a waxing service that includes an anti-bacterial finishing service like LED. Some clients may not even want to get waxed out of fear of breaking out post-wax. The blue light in LED is known to kill bacteria, and you can even set it over the client while you clean your room and prepare for the next client.

Have more suggestions on fall treatments that would be great for professionals? Let’s chat!