How To Get Your Clients To Stop Picking

No Picking Allowed

Tips and Tricks to Stop Pickers in their Tracks

It Takes Two

It’s that time again.. picking season, and no, we aren’t talking about apples! When the weather shifts and skin becomes dehydrated, it is even easier for clients to indulge in picking their skin.

Though picking is part psychological, we’ve rounded up some tricks and tips you can pass along to help your client break their picking habit.

Active Vs. Passive Picking

Figuring out when your clients are picking their skin is the first key component. Do they pick after washing their face at nighttime? It’s easy to start staring in the mirror and examining every inch of skin. If so, ask them not to look in the mirror for one week straight at nighttime. Take a before picture at the time of their first visit. Explain the rules – no looking in mirror at nighttime after cleansing. Have them pop into your business for you to take a look and take another photo. Is their skin starting to heal? Show them an after picture for encouragement.

If your client is a passive picker, they most likely pick while sitting idle. It could be at their desk at work, in the car driving, or at home watching tv on the couch. More often than not, this type of picking is done without most people realizing it. Suggest they keep something nearby to occupy their hands. A stress ball is always an option, and great for those who pick at work. If they are at home and start to pick on the couch, recommend they get a hobby while they watch tv, such as knitting, coloring, or other activities that use their hands. If they pick while they drive, ask them to keep both hands on the wheel (drumming to music is always allowed too!).

Tips and Tricks

So, you’ve asked your pickers to take the challenge and they failed. Now what? Well, instead of them using their hands to touch and pick, which will only further damage skin and spread bacteria, recommend they invest in a hand-held high frequency device. Amazon sells a few varieties that are inexpensive. You do want to coach them on proper use and recommend they try it a few times a week to start. Their need to touch the area will be satisfied, plus the high frequency will use oxygenation to kill bacteria if they are breaking out.

If scabs are an issue for your clients, recommend they smooth vitamin E oil around the area. This will keep the area moisturized and prevent scabs from forming, which means there won’t be as great of an urge to pick.

If your client can commit to once a week treatments, encourage a weekly LED session using a mix of Blue and Red light therapy. The great thing about LED is that you don’t necessarily have to supervise the entire visit and the client will create a habit of coming to you weekly, while healing their skin.

Most importantly, be the trainer your client needs! Educate your clients on the proper home care products to help their skin heal. Talk to them about treatments you can provide once their skin is less irritated. Show them results from other clients you’ve helped along the way!


Let’s continue the chat on our network, share your favorite tips that have worked for you and your clients!