How To Capitalize On The Holiday Rush

Ho Ho Holiday Promo Ideas

Get Ready For The Rush

Step foot into any store and you’ll see the sparkly holiday displays announcing the holiday season has officially arrived. And we have good news about consumer spending habits, too. According to the Deloitte 2018 Holiday Retail Survey, “Overall, consumers indicate their average holiday spend will increase from US$1,226 to US$1,536 per consumer. Most consumers (78 percent) report they plan to spend more or the same amount as they did last year.” And to nobody’s surprise, consumers still rank gift cards as one of the top presents to give this year.



It’s a promising figure that consumers are choosing gift cards as presents while still spending a solid percentage on cosmetics for themselves. We’ve rounded up some ideas for your business to capitalize on the largest spending season of the year!

Holiday Gift Baskets

Whether you’re a spa or salon or a room renter, you have retail products available. Now is the perfect time to bundle those products together at one enticing price (add in a few of your slowest sellers with best-selling items). Wrap up the best-sellers in a holiday gift basket or box. Consumers often buy based on presentation and convenience. Highlight the gift baskets at your checkout area as reminders for last-minute gifts. Have a few different price points available.

Buy One, Get Two

Since gift cards are such a top seller during the season, highlight a gift card promotion. One idea is to offer two separate dollar amount gift cards complimentary (it could be $10, $25, or more) for every $100 in gift cards purchased. Since the client is technically bringing home three gift cards, it is likely that he/she will re-gift at least one of the freebies. You never know, it could be to a new client!

Highlight Your Winter Specials, Now

Sure, the holidays are busy, but does January or February slow down for your business? Make sure you prepare monthly specials now and hand them out to your clients so they’ll know. Offer to pre-book their appointment before they leave to reiterate specials in January and February.

Charity Raffle

In the spirit of giving, consider hosting a charity-centered raffle in your community. Work with other local businesses to create a gift basket filled with goodies. Encourage everyone to share the raffle details on social media. Make sure you’ve chosen a charity ahead of time and are clear on rules/regulations. This is a fantastic way to build brand awareness and increase engagement.

Host An Event

Deloitte mentions “over the last five years, consumers have increased their budgets for experiences such as entertaining and socializing away from home; experiences now represent 40 percent, or US$611, of the planned holiday budget, while gift giving is 34 percent or US$525 .” Participate in the experiential opportunity by hosting an event in your location. It could be as simple as a blowout and go-out event or a skin consultation event for girlfriends. The holiday season gets busy though, so don’t wait too long to pick a date and start promoting.

Those are our top tips to capitalizing on the holiday rush. We’d love to hear yours! Head over to our network to share your ideas.